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BARNES, Leader in Neuilly



On the market of Neuilly, the Real Estate Agency BARNES is number 1 in business volume, the segment of property the cost exceeds € 1 million with nearly 20% market share and the market for houses and hotels individuals. For Catherine Van Aal, Associate Director at BARNES Neuilly, this leading position is not accidental. Explanations.

The unique concept: an integrated national and international agency

'Definitely, the future of quality residential property up to agencies national and international leader who, by force of circumstances and especially the market, becoming the first local agency in the most residential towns with high purchasing power. More than ever, affluent customers is a cross customer on the national or even international level. Every day, our teams are in contact with customers who sell in Paris buy in New York, sold in London, Paris to buy, sell their Parisian apartment to buy a house in Vésinet, in Neuilly, Geneva etc ... '

The organization: teams specialized by market and very interactive

'The sales teams of Barnes are formatted specifically to meet the requirement and expectations of this clientele. Each team consists of consultants whose profile slice voluntarily with the image of the classic real estate negotiator. We recruit candidates from higher education (business schools ...), from areas 'corporate' and belonging to the CSP of our customers. All our Paris teams, nearly 80 consultants are grouped into only 3 major offices, allowing teams an internal communication and a strong interaction for the benefit of customers. No competition between teams but an organization that rewards and promotes rapid exchange between all. The customer who seeks such to sell and buy in the Paris region, at Barnes found the equivalent of 10 local agencies. '

Communication: a share of voice leading and emerging

'Barnes is one of the largest advertisers in the housing sector. His communication is a key to business success. Both in press and on the Internet, both on local, national and international plans, sponsorship of arts and sports events, the agency has become the hallmark of real estate top international scale. '

The global service: who can do more can do less

'The consultant Barnes made more widely than opening the doors of an apartment and do visit. When a company like Barnes is able to rent a chalet in Courchevel or St. Barts to Russian customers, English or American adapting to different cultures and offering many additional services, she finger touches a particular notion of the service . Similarly, we know better than anyone accompany a Parisian client in the acquisition of its foot down Londoner or New Yorker. Finally welcome a Parisian or a foreigner who seeks the exceptional setting of Neuilly, deserves attention, know-how, we develop specific discovery in the team of Barnes Neuilly with the utmost rigor and undoubtedly many interest in this job so exciting and so often maligned. The result after these 8 years is the best motivator for the team that I lead. '

Written by neuilly newspaper, Thursday, April 26, 2012 1:26 p.m.

© Neuilly Journal Indépendant - published on Barnes Hauts-de-seine on 24/11/2015

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