HAUTS-DE-SEINE : An eclectic, nuanced recovery

From Neuilly to Colombes through Chatillon, the recovery is effective and nuanced ... The market is held by several factors including the low borrowing rates, the wisdom of the price, that is to say, purchasing power of buyers rising. Kick-off.


According to Marc Julien, there is a real haircut on the assets of over 600 000, with a default that is still the case for the majority of traded goods! Especially discount stores in Paris, which gives the impression of a significant decline but concerns only few sellers. Marc Julien noted that the factors favorable to recovery are a new solvency of first-time buyers (due to lower borrowing rates) and lower prices. However, for the second time buyers, there is some difficulty, 'they increasingly difficult to sell their existing property, which slows down the ability to buy a new property, and this is recurring for three years of Especially since the banks have rarefied distributions bridge loans. This difficulty affects the sale of more expensive goods, particularly those with more than one million euros. This is especially true in the west in the traditional sectors of homes in Rueil, Boulogne and Saint-Cloud that are less liquid than before. 'And to illustrate this with a large apartment in St. Cloud, on sale at fifty one million in 2014, finally sold in the first quarter 2015 to € 925,000.

La Défense - Strategic.

Marc Julien continued: 'house prices stand very well in areas such as Courbevoie, La Garenne-Colombes, because they are rare. They tend to keep their prices. 'Indeed, Courbevoie has not suffered from the crisis Stéphane believes Bagès to Solvimo,' in fact, I'm increasing sales for three years. ' 'After the differences in this city are more subtle. Prices have fallen a little, were balanced. Just a few years there were fewer price differences, noted that professional. In 2015, it is more active, we are witnessing the return of first-time buyers of Hauts-de-Seine because the rates are low and buyers waiting that goods still fall by 15-20%, realize that Indeed, the decline will be much less, so they are getting. 'In addition, the sellers have adjusted their prices for the most-market. The proximity to La Défense, with the stations has meant that many active increased their choices on Courbevoie. With a high turnover: young first-time buyers who settle in the place of retirees, who them migrate south. 'They are looking for 3 rooms for a budget of around 300 000-400 000, said Stephane Bagès, right now, the choices abound. Generally, they perform many visits. Even if they have a favorite, they will continue to visit to compare, which gives them a fair idea of ​​the price, they also compare via the Internet. '
Finally, in this market Courbevoie, few studios and thus rental investments, and rare and sought houses to be reckoned from € 700,000 to a million.

The postponement of Paris to the 92.

Today, many professionals are finding a shift towards the suburbs, not for price reasons, but for reasons of quality of life. In fact, almost impossible to circulate in Paris and a difficult family life in Paris and the lack of green spaces that are family clientele is moving towards the 92. Another postponement because of more affordable prices Courbevoie, according Stéphane Bagès 'We have people of Paris, Levallois and Neuilly passing the Seine, for we are here to 6000 euros / sqm, while in Paris, one is between 8000 and 10,000 euros / sqm. People also choose Courbevoie for quality of life reasons: it is greener and the number and quality of private and public schools are significant assets for these families who come. These arguments are attracting buyers from all 95. Property that lose value are those that are furthest from Paris, such as 78, while the department of Hauts-de-Seine best maintain its prices. If this difference perdurait, buyers could see the 92 on 78 where supply is more abundant and cheaper.

Safe trends and values.

What we can note is that the places that made the most progress are those that were previously less valued. This would appoint: Villeneuve-la-Garenne, Clichy, Asnieres-sur-Seine, where many changes have taken place and a lot of new buildings that have changed the housing and activities. Zac extending to Grésillons Asnieres and a large shopping center in Villeneuve-la-Garenne supports what type of urban fabric resulting, Grésillons at Villeneuve-la-Garenne, a continuous stream of new offices and housing with valued sectors.
Puteaux is also part of the 92 blue chip stocks, like Courbevoie and the Garenne-Colombes. Suresnes now went behind Puteaux, the latter having benefited from the flood of money from La Defense and its proximity to the business center of the same name. Nanterre which starts from very low benefits from the windfall of Defense and has desirable areas such as downtown or near public transportation RER. Soon, the future extension of Line 1 to the Place de la Boule will sign a rise in cost with this new metro station eagerly awaited.

The places where we must invest in 92.

Cities like Nanterre, Bagneux Châtillon or are in the process of catching up. The best gamble? In order, Châtillon, Bagneux and Antony! This trio could be a good bet on the future. Besides, 'we see their prices closer to those of Montrouge, which is the industry's leading city, the most expensive city,' said Marc Julien.
Investing in 92? 'Today, states Marc Julien, there is such a demand for rental throughout the 92 there is little risk of vacancy. So unless family must most often be the best returns on the least expensive cities in the 92. Finally, those who buy housing for their families to have a resale Neuilly security guarantee because demand is existing. '


Marc Julien
Pierre Invest Neuilly
Pierre Invest Neuilly

Stéphane Bagès


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