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A piece of historically classified elegance in Bécon-les-Bruyères

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Did you know that the name of Bécon goes back to the siege of Paris by the vikings in the 9th century? They would have gathered at the edge of the Seine with their drakkars around a lighthouse, or a 'bocan,' in medieval Saxon ... The history of this district, at the intersection of Courbevoie, Bois-Colombes and Asnières is indeed amazingly rich, as is apparent with the very exclusive Avenue Léon Bourgain, on which this mansion dating from 1890 is located in and offered for sale. At the end of the nineteenth century, Léon Bourgain, a wealthy industrialist and entrepreneur, owned a large estate in Bécon that adjoined his factories, and of which the Parc des Couronnes remains today. As was often the custom at the time, he built houses to house his closest collaborators, including those of this avenue, which would take his name years later.

This mansion, besides the prestige of its address and its 838 sqm of garden, has maintained its side street facade and the original glass that came with it, which has been classified as a 'cultural heritage' by the city of Courbevoie! The contrast is striking with the modern extension recently created at the back of the house, which provides permanent luminosity to the living and reception rooms. Completely redesigned, the interior design now includes, on 341 sqm, 5 bedrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a home theater, a sauna, a storeroom, and a workshop ... The unobstructed view of the adjoining gardens - also 'classified' - is of great elegance. Importantly, the garden in front of the house, which is accessed by a large gate, has several parking spaces.


A few minutes walk from the Metro Pont de Levallois, this mansion, steeped in history, is a touching reminder of what was once the West of Paris.


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