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Mount Vernon - A piece of American history at the gates of Paris

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If there was ever an unusual property offered for sale in the Hauts-de-Seine, this is it! Mount Vernon is the exact replica, certified by the American government, of the house owned by George Washington in Virginia, on the banks of the Potomac River. An object of true worship in the United States, jealously maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, this historic sanctuary-like residence was reproduced identically in the Bois de Vincennes during the 1931 international colonial exhibition. After the exhibition, this replica was bought by a private investor and moved to Vaucresson, a few miles drive from the golf of Saint-Cloud.


Mount Vernon


Situated in the middle of a 6 500 sqm garden, constructed with red cedar, just like the original, this extraordinary ceremonial property has about 250 sqm of reception rooms just on the ground floor. Moreover, In terms of receptions, if the house could speak, the French Mount Vernon would tell us all about the sumptuous dinners organized by one of its illustrious owners, Marcel Dassault, who very often hosted John and Jackie Kennedy ...

With eight bedrooms on the first floor and a very open space of 150 sqm on the 2nd floor, the house was completely restored in 2000 and repainted since. Unique by nature and legendary in her history, it comes to no surprise that the house is fully immersed in American culture. This is seen through its decoration and fittings, evoking the 'Southern living' spirit dear to the regulars of the federal capital.

On August 26, 1792, the National Assembly proclaimed George Washington a French citizen to pay tribute to the universality of his political action. More than a property, Mount Vernon is a symbol. A piece of history of rare elegance.

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