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Properties in Suresnes

Properties in Suresnes

On the heights of Paris

Bordering Paris, located close to La Défense, on the banks of the Seine, the town of Suresnes stretches up to the heights of Mont-Valérien, the highest point in the region of Paris with an altitude of 162 meters. The town's hillside location offers breathtaking views of the Bois de Boulogne and Paris from many apartments as well as some houses.

Suresnes is made up of six districts :

  • the town center, close to the quays and the Pont de Suresnes, a dynamic and very urban area that is highly sought after for its market, shops and 'English Village' with London-style painted brick houses;

  • the Plateau Ouest, overlooking Mont Valérien, close to Saint-Cloud, the 'countryside' of Suresnes with its market, shops and many houses with tree-filled gardens;

  • the République district, close to the quays, which is quiet, residential and sought after for its Castle Park, excellent schools and family houses;

  • the Carnot-Gambetta district, close to the quays and Puteaux, which offers more modern architecture, beautiful contemporary buildings and urban houses;

  • the residential Liberté district, overlooking Mont Valérian, close to Puteaux, which is home to many houses offering exceptional views of Paris;

  • the Cité-Jardin district, known for its 1920s brick architecture and the appeal of the Jean Vilar theater.

Suresnes is a town with fresh air thanks to 103 acres of parks and gardens stretching through the various districts and its proximity to the Bois de Boulogne.

A dynamic and highly accessible town

Suresnes is a highly accessible town with a train line that connects to the Saint-Lazare train station in 15 minutes, the T2 Tram line with two stops ('Belvédère' and 'Suresnes Longchamp') that connect to La Défense in five minutes as well as a number of buses to Saint-Cloud, Rueil-Malmaison, Boulogne and Paris.

Suresnes is a dynamic and cultural town offering a theater, an ultra-modern media library, four cinemas, a contemporary dance festival, more than 60 sports and cultural associations and nearly 200 shops.

A stable property market

The property market in Suresnes remains stable, however, with a slight 2% rise over the past 12 months and a 17% increase in the number of transactions according to notary figures. Prices per square meter are highly variable based on the district or even the street. Therefore, between an apartment in perfect condition offering a view and a house in need of work, prices can range from €4,100 per sq. m to up to €9,000 per sq. m.